Blue Badge Defender Motorbike Compatible


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Blue Badge Defender

Motorbike Compatible

This edition of the Blue Badge Defender is suitable for use on a motorbike. 

Featuring an all plastic clock, comprehensive welding and powder coating the defender is now suitable for use outdoors. 

Product Information

Local Government Association reports that Blue Badge theft went up from “2,921 in 2017 to 4,246 in 2018 a rise of 45%. This increase marks a rise in thefts for the fifth year running with 656 recorded in 2013.” 2018 figures represents a six fold increase over the 2013 figures. 

Blue Badge Defender is a new product to the market. It has been developed in response to the increasing theft of Blue Badges taking place. 

Key Features

Blue Badge Defender offers a protective metal case in order to prevent the theft of Blue Badges when on display in public places. 

Manufactured from 2mm thick powder coated steel and supplied with a 4mm thick plastic sheet ensures maximum protection and deterance from any potential theft of Blue Badges. 

Supplied with a 2 key padlock and weighing only 700 grams ensures maximum versatility in use – ensuring it is not a burden to own in day to day life. 

The slim line profile of the Blue Badge Defender enables it to be stowed away safely in the pocket of a car door so as not to effect day to day use of cars. 

A foam insert in the hook ensures protection against any potential rubbing that may occure against the steering wheel. 

The built in adjustable time clock allows you to correctly inform authorities of arrival time. 

Avoid an average 8 week replacement time to replace a Blue Badge by purchasing the Blue Badge Defender today.


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